Madman Threads

Madman Threads 

Project Description

Madman Threads is a Detroit Michigan premiere supplier and designer of custom graphic t-shirts, hoodies, hats, mugs and hand bags. With headquarters located in Detroit Michigan, they sell custom graphic apparel all over the world. With skilled professionals and a customer-focused approach, Madman Threads provide customers with the best designs on top of the line clothing.

Madman Threads appointed AvailableGeeks to develop a website that would blend ecommerce functionalities with a clean minimalist design. Availablegeeks built the website in wordpress, a robust CMS where minimalism and ecommerce functions were integrated efficiently to help clients find what Madman Threads had to offer. In addition, the platform offered Madman Threads a more comprehensive way of changing and updating content within the website, giving them more control over what was present on each page. 

Project Details
  • Platform Wordpress
  • Technology HTML5, JQuery, CSS3
  • Categories Web Design, Developement


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