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Online Marketing Experts

In the modern web world, online marketing is essential for gaining and maintaining traffic. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), AdWords, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Email and Social Media Marketing are some of the most valuable tools that you can use to set your business apart from the crowd.

Available Geeks provides some of the most comprehensive SEO services Detroit, Michigan has to offer with our dedicated team of web marketing experts constantly researching the best ways to improve rankings, engage target audiences and attract attention from potential customers.

Our Search Engine Optimisation Process


Keyword Research

Our web marketing experts provide you a detailed analysis report of the keywords that would be most successful to use in the campaign. Once the most effective keywords are chosen, we target those keywords for your website to increase traffic and conversion and develop a strategy to improve their position across the major search engines.

Optimization Recommendation

We thoroughly analyse your site and provide you an audit report outlining the changes you can make to rank well including meta tag suggestions, headings, formatting changes and content changes. We also determine where your site needs the most help, which may include landing page creation, analytics and conversion tracking.


With your go-ahead, the team proceeds with making the approved changes, optimising your site for search engines from top to bottom.

Maintenance & Monitoring

Every month we continue to build relevant, trusted links back to your site by providing monthly articles onsite or offsite to give your site regularly updated unique content. We also regularly monitor the campaign, review analytics and evaluate what is working and what needs to be tweaked.

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