Email better with Google

We are always looking for better ways to help you guys out, and for 2020 we decided to make things a lot easier for one of your most important business tools – your emails! 

Emails are the major form of communication with customers these days in our busy modern lives, as well as within your company – not to mention usually the first point of contact with new potential clients through your website’s contact form. 

For all of these reasons your email setup is one of the most important things to get right for your business, and we have the answer! 

We all know that Google pretty much owns the internet these days, and for good reason – their solutions are efficient, easy and rock-solid, and this also applies to their hosted email service for business, known as G Suite. 

G Suite 

G Suite is a whole range of apps for your business, including email, calendars and cloud storage, and the best part is it’s super affordable and easy to use. A large part of our customers now uses G Suite as an investment in their business operations and would never go back! 

There are a lot of reasons not to host your business emails alongside your website, also known as ‘webmail’, and this system is being constantly deprecated and phased out. There are a multitude of advantages of using G Suite vs. webmail. 

  • Easy to setup – With G Suite, on your devices there is a one-click login and start sending and receiving emails. No more messing about with complicated POP/IMAP and SMTP settings which can differ on each of your devices! 
  • Easy to use – Like everything Google, the Gmail interface and apps are sleek and simple to help you manage your emails with ease. 
  • More storage – With G Suite you get around 60x more storage than the average webmail account. This means that all your emails, important attachments and files from clients, and business collateral are all stored safely in the cloud and can be viewed quickly and easily from any device – no more being on the phone and having to ask a customer to wait until you get home because the file you need is stored only on your computer! 
  • Sync across devices – Because everything is stored in the cloud, all of your emails and files are accessible wherever you are, on every device, including the computer in the office, your iPad and your smartphone on the go. Email chains update everywhere with the latest messages. 
  • Better for your website – Storing your emails and files alongside your website increases the strain on both. One large attachment from a client can send your disk limit over the edge which in turn can bring your site and emails down. With your emails separate from your site and also G Suite’s massive amounts of storage this is never a risk. 

With G Suite you’ll have access to all the innovative inbox features, collaborative tools, and unlimited cloud-based storage solutions that currently power over five million customers worldwide. 

As an Available Geeks Design client, if you sign up before the New Year, you’ll also get access to our team of local experts who are there to help you set up your inbox, migrate your emails, and help you set up your email software and devices at a time to suit you – free of charge. 

Some of the features included in G Suite Business with Available Geeks: 

  • Super simple setup – we do it all for you and organize migration of your current emails! 
  • Massive amounts of cloud storage for emails, attachments and files 
  • Cloud-based Office Suite 
  • Integrated calendars and chat 

For more information click here, or get in touch with us for a chat on how G Suite can power your business. 


Another good alternative to G Suite is to use your business emails through a free Gmail account. Like G Suite, our support team can set this all up for you so that your business emails will come into the Gmail inbox, freeing up disk space on your website hosting, and also so you can ‘send as’ your website email address – your customers won’t even know you’re on Gmail! 

The main benefit of Gmail is that it is free (G Suite is around $5 a month), and as with anything, the free option does bring a few limitations. 

You won’t be able to use Gmail in your email software such as Outlook or Mac Mail, instead accessing emails through your web browser. With G Suite, setting up your emails in your software and your devices is super easy so this is one aspect to consider. 

Another limitation is that unlike G Suite, with Gmail you will only be able to receive emails into one inbox. If you have for example an info@ address which several people need to access in your business, it might be worth considering if G Suite is better for your needs (which is still a super low-cost option!). 

With webmail as a complex and clunky solution, which is slowly being phased out as other alternative technologies evolve and get better to replace it, now is the time to make sure your business emails are rock solid, and the best part is we can set it all up for you! 

Ready to make your business future-proof? Get in touch with us today to make the move to Gmail.